Langar Grocery List

Suggested Gurdwara Bheta is $501.00, which also includes cleaning service, paper products, and utilities. 
Please bring a bouquet of flowers if you can.
Dal, Raj Mahan or Chick peas 12 Lbs
Vegetables 30 LBS Eggplant
Carrots 25 Lbs Please also bring all
Peas 25 Lbs the Masalas ie salt etc.
Potatoes 25-30
Gobhi 14-15 Heads
Ginger 5 Lbs
Garlic 3 Lbs
Onions 50 Lbs
Green Chillies 3 Lbs
Fresh Cilantro  5-6 Bunch

Atta & Rice

2 Bags of Atta ( Golden Temple)
Rice 10-15LBS
Sugar 10Lbs
Butter 8 Lbs
If you want to make Kheer you will need extra milk
For Kheer 4 Gallons
For Tea and other use 4 Gallons
If you want to make home made yogurt 3 gals of milk

Please note: The person responsible for the Langar Sewa is requested to buy groceries.

For guidance and assistance in preparation of langar, please contact Kuldeep K. Dhaliwal, (704) 201-5698

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